The confidence of beauty



£24.00Eyebrow tint and shape

£17/14Hot wax / StripLip or chin

£26/22Hot wax / StripLip and chin

£28/36Half leg

£28/36Half leg / Half leg and patchesHalf leg and patches

£42.00Full leg

£56.00Full leg and bikini

£22.00Strip waxBikini

£26/22Hot wax / StripBikini

£28/24Strip waxExtended bikini

£28/24Hot wax / StripExtended bikini

£40.00Hot waxBrazilian wax

£46.00Hot waxHollywood

£16.00Strip waxUnder arm

£18.00Hot waxUnder arm


£32.00Back or Chest

£15.00Nose Wax


£34.00Full Face


£14.00Lip or chin

£26.00Threading duo (any two of the above)

£24.00Sides of face



£42/49Deluxe (mask and heated mitts)

£22.00File and polish

£6.00ExtraFrench polish



£48.00Deluxe (mask and heated mitts)

£22.00File and polish

£6.00ExtraFrench polish

Gel Nails

Bio Gel Nails

£40.00New set

£39.00Removal & new set

£55.00Pedicure with bio gel


£6.00ExtraFrench polish

OPI Gel Nails

£36.00Opi Gel Manicure

£6.00ExtraFrench polish

£40.00New set

£39.00Removal & new set

£50.00Gel Pedicure

£16.00Gel removal


£24.00Eye lash tint

£14.00Eyebrow tint

£34.00Lash and Brow tint

£68.00LVL Lashes (includes tint)

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