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Semi Permanent Make Up

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Microblading is a relatively new manual semi-permanent eyebrow procedure creating very fine and crisp hair strokes.

£25.00Brow Consultation

Patch test, and a general chat about your desired look going forward and the best option for you. 

£330.00Microblading first session & top up

Reshaping and enhancing your eyebrows with very fine, natural looking hair strokes. Manual technique. Top up 4-6 weeks post treatment included. Not recommended for oily skin types.

£400.00Combination brows

Natural fine hair strokes combined with the powder effect to give the brow it’s fullness. (Two forms of semi permanent techniques)

£375.00Ombre powder brows

Creating more of a shaded effect. A faded front and a crisp tail. Results appear like a softly shaded brow pencil or powder. Best option for oily skin types. 

from £150.00Colour boost top up
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